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interim managers

Who are
the Interim

Our Interim Directors are seasoned managers, result-oriented and/or specialists with an average of 16 years’ experience in management positions. They are subject to a very strict selection process, are highly qualified and have extensive professional experience acquired in several management or executive positions. Their professional career is extensive and validated by success. Our Interim Directors now focus on applying their knowledge and experience to new situations, either as a Specialist or as a Generalist.

Interim Director Specialist (IDS)

Joins a company on short notice for a limited period to solve a specific problem, undertake a project or lead a transformation.

Interim Director Generalist (IDG)

Reinforce a company during a limited period of time (e.g. when a longer term candidate is being looked for).

Bridging management gaps

Change of processes

Implementation of new strategies

Process and productivity improvements

M&A, post-merger integration (PMI)


New positioning

Entering new markets

And many more...

Interim Management

Why seeking for it ?

Interim management is the cornerstone of your transformation and success, whether you are in an offensive context (merger-acquisition, new products, internationalisation phase, performance improvement) or a defensive one (restructuring or crisis management).

A decisive leader

A seasoned Interim Director with experience of your situation will naturally be able to provide the appropriate method and focus on the most important key lezding to change: people.

A solution without constraints

An agile and flexible solution that focuses on your project and for the duration of the assignment only.

A new energy

Benefit immediately from the impact of a seasoned executive-manager ensuring the transition. His or her energy, perspective, maturity and independence are decisive in mobilising teams and steering your strategic project.

the difference

Interim Directors vs Advisory

While a consultant acts as an advisor, Interim Managers are operationally  involved and participate in the whole assignment. The assignements can relate to any management or C-Level position.


Different criteria for neutrality


The consultants analyse existing challenges and develop improvement plans.


The Interim Manager carries out an audit of the situation, diagnosis, recommendations. He/she implements the solution by implementing the strategy or the improvement plans and trains internal staff


Are you looking for Manager ?
keep in mind

Our advices

Recruit effectively

Look for an Interim Director whose skills exactly match your specific needs and who fits your company culture. To do this, write a memo in advance of your search. Write down the information that is relevant to your company: Situations - Project description - Knowledge of the environment - Company culture - Languages - Personality - Duration of the assignment - Teleworking - FP/PT - Budget - Start date.

Key word : Be Fast!

The recruitment process should be as fast as possible (10 to 15 days maximum between the first contact with Bridge UP and the start of the ID). Keep in mind that Interims Directors are very demanded and remain available on the market for a very short period of time. Include all decision makers and line managers from the first meeting with Bridge UP. Block half a day in your diary to meet a shortlist of 1 to 3 candidates. Make a decision within 24 hours of the interviews.